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"Leadership Is Personal!" TM

International Speaker - Executive Coach - Consultant - Author 

Kevin's real conversations and electrifying keynotes deliver 5 must-haves great leaders need to develop, retain and ignite top talent and drive better results!


  •  Proven Fortune 100 VP

  • 150%+ revenue growth through downturn

  • 20 Years in industry at just 3 Fortune 100s 

  • 3X NCAA Div. I, Conference Champion

    You get motivation, inspiration and proven how-to for maximum performance!



"Inspiring!  Funny!  Passionate!"


Kevin doesn't know leadership from reading Maxwell, Covey or Gladwell.

He knows leadership because he's successfully done it; at three Fortune 100s.

- Fortune 100 corporate VP (20 years experience at just 3 major brands)

                Bank of America (MBNA) / Target /  U.S. Bank

- Grew organizations hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue 

- Proven National & International industry leadership experience

- Proven, exponential growth driving leader 

                    170% increase in revenue through economic downturn


Kevin believes Leadership is Personal!  

You get experienced real talk, driving real engagement & better results for your teams, seasoned and emerging leaders.


Medtronic Employee's Perspective 

Law Practice Partner Perspective



"Kevin's passion and energy is truly inspirational. He is a skilled speaker whose strategies for living a purposeful life are actionable and motivate leaders for broader impact both personally and professionally. Kevin engages with audiences and leaves them energized to make meaningful change. As noted by an attendee of Kevin's presentation, "One of the best speakers I've heard his message is applicable and motivational. He provides new perspectives, positive thinking and I loved his passion!"

                                                S.N., EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT, NAVIGATE FORWARD (VERIFIED @NAVIGATEFORWARD.COM) 



"I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we enjoyed your presentation on Leadership for our attorneys here at Twin Cities Diversity in Practice. We received amazing reviews and your message on Leadership was unique, intelligent and inspiring. As an organization of attorneys, who are a very tough audience, your ability to get and keep people engaged was amazing. Thank you for opening our eyes on ways to lead across diverse audiences which is critical for success in the 21st century. We look forward to working with you in the future. I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know!"

                                                   V.J.J., EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND PRESIDENT, TWIN CITIES DIVERSITY IN PRACTICE (VERIFIED                                                                                                                                                                         @DIVERSITYINPRACTICE.ORG)



"This is no simple event to arrange as we are in the UK and Kevin lives in the Twin Cities so we were so lucky that he took the time out of his busy schedule to fly over and share his thoughts and experience. He is a brilliant speaker. The team are still buzzing. I can't share it all but I will say that starting today I'm going to try and do something that scares me every day."

                                                                        G.R., CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, HOMESERVE UK (VERIFIED @HOMESERVE.COM) 



"I personally enjoyed your talk! In particular, the ice breaker activity was very helpful to me! Small activity….big thought process behind it… I can also say, with fervor, how I noticed then, and have since noticed, a change in how associates view taking control of their professional careers. After listening to your points on taking leadership personally and taking some ownership in our careers, I believe we have met success!!" 

                                                                                                                                                     E.L., ECOLAB (VERIFIED @ECOLAB.COM) 

Hear Directly From Attendees

Raw emotion is nice, but unsustainable.  What do leaders really think after the hype & lustre is gone and you're left to execute on what was shared?


Has your audience gotten tangible steps and value?

What will they do differently tomorrow?

CEO Leadership Experience On Lake Minnetonka


Your BEst YOU is waiting for you to step into your greatness.  What's holding you back?


Drive employee engagement and retention with 
inspiration, insight and proven steps.  


Kevin will ignite your leaders and employees with real stories of trials and triumphs!  


Create a culture of engagement.



"You can have anything in life you want, as long as you're willing to run head-first through fear and hard work to get it."


"Kevin's approach to inspiring, moving and motivating is contagious. He stimulates growth and helps you retain your best employees by igniting attitudes and getting you the most from your talent so they can deliver the best experience to your customers."

  • Ignite individual & team results!

  • Boost productivity & engagement!

  • Develop a culture of innovation, loyalty & ignition!

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