Better Results - 5 Steps To More Money, Influence and Time To Do What You Want

You ever wish you had more?  

More money, more influence or just more time to do what you want?  


Do you ever worry you're not maximizing your full potential?  


What if I told you I had the secret to abundance; to getting all you desire?  


BETTER RESULTS shares the 5 easy steps to more money, influence and time to do what you want to do.  

Career / Life Consult with Assessment 

One-hour Career/Life Consultation Call, including MindScan Assessment and Review.  

Do you want it all; unbelievable work life balanced by an epic personal life?

Do you feel stuck or like you don't know which next step to take?


You will walk away with a customized plan to optimize your capabilities and capitalize on seen and unseen opportunities.

Executive Leadership Maximization Coaching 

Do you wish you had greater executive presence?

Receiving feedback that you think is inaccurate? Maybe you're not getting it, but it is being said.

Do you feel stuck or like you don't know which step to take next?


What if I told you I led a Fortune 100 organization to 170% revenue increase through the economic downturn? Think I know a little about leadership? 



 What A Client Said...

"Our meetings were very insightful and Kevin was able to bring things to my attention that I no longer could see, wasn’t willing to see or simply didn’t think about.  I had homework and was challenged to break out of the daily mental routine/rut I had become lost in.  Through our interactions I could see the change in myself, my wife saw the changes and I saw the change in how others interacted with me.  I’ve incorporated the things I’ve learned into my life and apply them daily."  

SVP, Pacific Union

What A Client's Wife Said...

"I don't know what you're doing with Kevin; but I know you're different.  And I like it!"