Be That Leader

Ever see a leader that everyone is clamoring to work for? Her teams love her and will stop a speeding bullet or go through a fire for her. He’s the leader people really want to hang out with at the company holiday party or happy hour. 


Ever wonder what their secret sauce is and where you can get a bottle for yourself? 


Get your secret sauce to leadership in this session with Kevin. Walk away with the secrets he’s developed over decades of leading in some of the largest companies in the country.


In this high-powered and engaging presentation you'll discover the 5 keys to:

  • Drive sales and productivity through the roof!

  • Build trusted relationships with peers, partners and stakeholders

  • Make the switch from managing to coaching and driving quantifiable results




Get Your Groove

You ever look at your peer that runs the business down the street and wonder "What is she doing that I'm not?"  Everything she touches just turns to gold... No. Scratch that.  Platinum!  Her world is a "total package."  She's knocking her business out of the park and experiencing exponential growth. She's got a beautiful family at home and walks around like, "I'm on top of the world."  She makes it look so easy.  


Ever wonder, "How in the world does she do it?"  And more importantly, "How can I?" 


You'll have the 5 key steps to:

-  Develop the plan to drive purpose in your life

-  Experience unprecedented growth by initiating and driving new opportunities in your business and in your life

-  Gain the clarity of purpose to identify where to focus your efforts to maximize your impact



Diversity, Inclusion & Outcomes! Why D&I needs The "O"

Some of your people feel all alone in a room full of colleagues? Do they feel like they've been invited to the party, but never asked to dance? Maybe you've managed to build a diverse team. But diversity alone is not enough.


Kevin helps you to better develop, retain and optimize your talent. With decades of industry experience, exponentially improving organizations and partnerships as much as 9,000%, Kevin helps clients build more inclusive cultures; cultures that create the space and place for people to connect, collaborate and win. Cultures where everyone is invited, free to dance and THEIR song is on the play list!


When everyone is free to dance authentically, you engage differently. You connect more deeply. You innovate, scale and win more rapidly.


You'll leave with tools to:

-  Drive deeper connections, for greater engagement

-  Enhance trust, for better employee alignment

-  Capture discretionary effort for enhanced productivity


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